Friday, September 2, 2011

0 Finally a break

Today I had two uplifting things happening to me. First I had a friend come visiting, and the hours flew by. And it was mice to talk about other things then just illness, and dreadful memories. However it was an uplifting visit, and I felt so much better afterwards..

The other good news was that I am taking a new manometry on Monday.. The Norwegian health care system is known for dragging things out. I sent in an application to this other hospital in march and I have still not heard anything, but this shows that they can if they want to. So one and a half week after my appointment with the pain clinic, and I will have my first manometry in over  a year..
I am rely existed, petrified, and a little angry that I have fought  this for 10 months..
All I can say to the Norwegian health care system, get a grip, take responsibility when you screw up.

Us patients we now that doctors are human to, but they have to come down from that high horse and apologizes. Most of us would forgive and be glad that they stood for the mistake that they had made..
So happy weekend to u all :) :9 I had a great start to mine :):)

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