Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 0-1 for ME

If I have ever said there there are more people in the health care system who cares more about power, money, basically their own career more then the patients..
I have to many times told them that what I really mean of them, and if I don't like you, you would now it. But thats a part of being sick, you're filter is gone, you have become this essence in a shall that is filled with "cancerous" cells..

Most of us scream from the top of our lungs , in a hope that someone will hear us, understand us, but most never do, most in the health care profession has never been sick enough to comprehend what we are going through.
Today I had my manometry.... I thought I was going to faint, but I kept it together... And we had a breakthrough... I met a doctor with compassion, understanding, and no false pretenses, he told me the truth.
I have esophagus spasms, My esophagus doesn't react the same way as a normal esophagus.. So to all the doctors, pain doctors, nurses etc that didn't belive me.. Go Fu&%k your selfs..
Maybe its time you start listening to the patient.. we know when something is wrong.
And second -- Now matter how much I would have said to myself that this doesn't hurt, it still would have. Its physiology, and you cant think that away!
My new doctor who is a professor in gastro medicine told me so..... I belive him, its what I have been saying this past two years.
Now I am going to get a new botox.... One fight has been fought 0-1 to me!


  1. SEE sometimes we do reach the right doors with the right doctors behind them. HUGS

  2. Yes, but he went on sabbatical the next week, and the doctor who took over, didn't want to do botox because he was more worried about his reputation that arrogant son of a B%¤&H.. So no botox for me..

    Hugs Alex