Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Broken Dreams

I feel like I am in a vacuum. When the bubble is bursting I can only hope that this is not happening to me.
Why do I have to live in pain, agony, and my dreams are gone with the wind?
Is this what my life was about? Pain? Broken dreams? I never even got to launch my career.

Shouldn't life be about achievements? goals? Love? House, kids, dog and a Volvo?

When I was a teenager I thought I could conquer the world, be me, not sick me. I had hope for the future.

Now my hope are turned into fear. Achievements into failure, and My dream are broken!


  1. Well, guess what I did? I went http://www.wefeelfine.org/ where billions of sentences on the internet are collected and turned into small dots, and then these points are dancing on the computer screen without stopping. So, I did click on one of them opened your blog in front of me. So here I am talking with someone who never imagined. I did read your text.
    One thing about life, mine or yours, is that we were made to generate more life, not only human life but life and lives. We can create, grow, and help sustain life.
    We can plant flowers in the desert.
    Now is a time of dry leaves and maybe you do not see much more sense, blinded by pain.
    Here on the outside, I'm telling you. Life has so much life in you and many people in need of your life. And many lives will go through you, and you will generate much.
    Think right now reading this, you and I are creating a live link something new from nothing.
    Do not die inside, seek the spark that makes you live.
    Let's do life.
    Wish you get fantastic.

  2. Hope that you have freinds who can listen and help you. Help you to find your way in your life. Prehaps a new way?
    Hope that you can see that you is a very beutifull person, who have a lot of information as you share every day.
    Love you

  3. thank for kind and warming words. I guess I will have to find a new path. but sometimes we need do scrape the bottom before we can pick our selfs up again, and find the strength to fight yet again.
    But right now on I'm still floating on my way to the abyss, but I expect to hit bottom sometime next week ☻
    Until then I will hold on to you're words, and always remember the stranger next to you, can be you're best friend tomorrow :)