Saturday, April 16, 2011

0 Life as a rollercoster

Life is like a roller coaster, thats starts of really slow, and keeps getting faster and faster.
And then something unexpected happens, and that feels like the carousel starts spinning around it-selfs.
Isn't that what life is : a lot of unexpected turns, drops, loops, and sudden stops?
And the outcome is just the same: sometimes you get a surge of adrenalin, other times you get dizzy or throw up.Or you're heart starts beating really fast, and it can feel like butterflies in you're stomach.

Who hasn't been scared, exited,cried and gotten a splash of water to cool you're brain.
Who has not experienced that sitting in you're seat is really smelly, but you have to ride it out and hope something good comes out of it.
Sometimes you have to take a keep of faith, and hope that by doing so you will get more that you ever dreamt of.

Have you ever felt the feeling when the carousel is dragged up the steep hill and you do not know what to believe? Is this going to be the ride of you're life or is it going to be a nightmare, but you cant know until you've tried it!

When you have reach bottom, then they take a picture.. Who will pay $ 10 a photo that shows his/her life's down fall ?

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