Friday, April 22, 2011

0 How be the best??

Why is it that we strife to be the best we can be! But what is the best?
Is it to be a really good mom? Or maybe be the toughest business woman out there?
When we were in high school it was about three things: good grades, popularity and boys. Well some of us also had work but that wasn't part of school.
So now when we are all grown up, what do we want? My friends are all hung up in their own things. Some with family-life, others as single parents, some dreams of a boyfriend and eventually a child. But I do have friends that are still in school as myself, and what do they think of? exams,, and exams..

When I was in high school time wasn't moving as fast as is does today. A week 10 years ago is like a month today. And it doesn't seem to change.
And with time moving faster everyone has their priorities. And the long for you're own family grows stronger, but the hope fades.
So if I am going to be the best I can be, I have to be able to finish my university grade, and get to teach. And to help teenager at the red cross.

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