Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 MY Period

I still remember my first period. I was in sixth grade and I felt so abnormal. The boys was running around and asked all the girls if they're tommy hurt, because thats what they had learned would happed when girls got their period.
It was lonely, until we got to eighth grade, and then it tilted the other way. You were alone when you hadn't got you're period yet.
And through my teens I hated it, I was glad when it did came, I hated tampons, then loved them, birth control was a welcome pill because it made the menstrual cramps less.
And as an adult you fight with the feeling that you want the period, because you are scared that you will be a bad mom, and then you don't get it and you think that its not a good time to be a mom.
But you aren't pregnant, you have a problem, but you don't know what.
And after 5 months, you're doctors put you on a pill cure for 10 days to see if the brain and the abdomen are still working together..
And after all I have been through I thought that ship had sailed.. So I was sad and in a bad mood.
I went to the toilet... and there it was.. my period
I did the only thing I never thought I would do over my period.... I Cried


  1. A little sad letter, i want to cry when i read what you write.
    I wish you all good thing in the furture...
    Love to you....

  2. I hope for good things too.
    Love Alex