Saturday, March 12, 2011

4 I walked today

I actually managed to take a walk today ☺
And I feel like I am taking this pain school already. I am learning how to deal with esophagus spasms.
I walked for a couple of kilometer, and came to the nearby mall, when my spasms occurred.
I had of course forgotten water at home, but this mall has free cold water from dispensers, so I ran inside and tried the 1 home remedy: Cold water, and a lot of it!
It didn't work, so I ran into a toilet a took ketogan suppository. The only problem is that this pill has a very laxative effect. So I sat there outside the toilets on a bench and tried to keep it in for 20 min until the pills had tenderized my bowel, and entire intestines poured out in 3 seconds.
Know I was ready to walk home, and oh my how it was beautiful:

It can be seen as an extreme sport taking Ketogan, But hey, what can you do? I enjoyed the view, and realized that I am learning more everyday, and maybe my doctor was right that I can be better in a few years. The more I trial by error, the more I learn ways to deal with this disease, and maybe one day I will get a little more dignity into my life!


  1. really good was glad to hear that you came out. stand on: =)

  2. Nice to hear that you come out and walk tour, that must be very nice.
    But, dont forget water next time you are on walking tour.

  3. I have put water in my bag, so I wont forget.