Monday, March 7, 2011

4 Work???

I have been thinking about my future the last couple of days, and today I had a session with my psychologist.
And she thinks that school is good, as long as I don't feeling guilty every time I cant go.
But when you are as dedicated to what I do, its not easy to not feel guilty.
Every-time I reed I forget everything, so school feels really hard. On the other hand it's nice to get out a couple of days a week. When I have a good week that is!
But she as many others don't really know how I am going be able to work. I am to unstable.
What kind of employer would hire me? I am not sure I would hire me!
In Norway we have this "open sick leave ", and that will give the person help to work the amount that they can, instead of being on sick leave or disabled!
But I don't know. I can work 2 days one week, 5 days the next, and 0 the third week.
Is there any kind of job that can work with so unstable numbers? I would love to get some suggestions, because I am at my end, and could use some help!


  1. Course many company will have you to work!!!
    You can prehaps get a open medical certificate and thats meen that you work exactly what you manage.
    If you manage two our one days is that ok.

  2. thank you, and I know you get work to adapt with what you can do, but after a few weeks and I have said I cant come for the 6 time I think that they will get tired of me.
    But if there were a job I could do that didn't require adjustments, that would be perfect.
    hugs Alex

  3. Takk for koselig kommentar;o) Ser ut som om du har vært igjennom litt av hvert.... Klart det er viktig med jobb av mange grunner. Ønsker deg lykke til!!
    Klem fra Solveig

  4. Takk i lige måde. Ja jobb, eller bare det å føle at man er til nytte er viktig :)
    klem Alex