Monday, March 21, 2011

0 Keeping my Psyche

Its nice to have my psychiatric nurse once a week. I get to talk about my problems to one who doesn't have an emotional attachment to me.
There are things that you don't want to talk to family, friends or boyfriend.
Its not easy to get safely through the maze thats Norway's health care system. And Ellen helps me a lot.

She is also there to help me come to terms with what I have been trough, and to help me realize what my future might be.
The one thing that is not so good is that you have to know that this service exists, and sought it out. It should be something that was offered to everyone who will be or has been sick for a long time, and gone trough life changing surgeries, and need help with out their new life!

Of course Ellen asked a lot of questions the first couple of times, because she didn't know anything about esophagus spasms, but she was refreshingly honest about it, and didn't try to seem like she knew more than she did.

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