Tuesday, March 1, 2011

0 School and Esophagus Spasms!

I did go to school yesterday, and it felt good to be "back". The only problem is that half way into the lecture I got really bad esophagus spasms. I felt trapped, because there were people all around me, so I couldn't get out.
I tried every remedy I couldn't come up with. I drank half a liter of lemonade. I had a meditation session by myself for the class!!

The good thing is that I have become an adult over the last couple of years. I don't care what my class mates think of me, and I don't care that I am disabled anymore. Before I was so uncomfortable when I sat down on my "special" chair in class. But if I need a bed in class to be able to finish, well that is what I am going to do.
Any way there I was in class, me and my esophagus spasms. I couldn't drop my pants a push up a ketogan suppository in the middle of class. I am not THAT comfortable in class either.

But I will not give up school it means to much to me. Its part of my dream, and I am going to fight for that dream, even if it take me 20 years to get my degree! Until that I am here, on my couch, reading books about yoga, self-help and Dan Brown!

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