Thursday, March 31, 2011

0 OMG.....

School is never easy, especially when you have lost you're place, and have to apply again.
Yesterday I sent in the blue sheet with my diploma from high school and medical certificate that proves that I have been sick. The blue sheet need to be sent to the university of Oslo.
I was very happy that I finally got that out of the way,
But do you think anything comes easy for me?
No, today I found out I had to send a yellow sheet with my high school diploma to "samordna opptak". The are they who take care of the coordinated admissions to universities and Colleges in Norway.
So I had to get dressed within two minutes and out the door, because I needed a correct copy of my high school diploma, and get that sent from a post office that gives the stamp, so they didn't think I sent it tomorrow.
One draining day, that wasn't good to begin with. The pain school was very hard mentally.
And one day after, I cant remember what I learned. But I am going over my notes tomorrow
Good night :)

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