Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 Ketogan®

Ketogan® has the active ingredient ketobemidone 10/25 mg. Mine is 10 mg. It is a opioid analgesic.
Ketogan® affects respiration less than morphine, it also has some NMDA-antagonist properties.
Ketobemidone comes also with a spasmolytic, that can improve the analgesia.
You should not use Ketogan if you are hypersensitive to ketobemidone,hydrochloride, or some of the other ingredients in Ketogan. You shouldn't take it if you have severe breathing difficulties. Ketogan is addictive .

I use Ketogan® when I have breakthrough pain as a result of esophagus spasms. I don't have many options when it comes to pain killers, because I cant swallow pills. Ketogan® is a good alternative because they come as a suppository. It does say in the leaflet that a possible side effect is constipation, but in my case it is the opposite. I have to be close to a toilet. I have to go to the toilet 10-30 min after I have taken Ketogan.
It is very exhausting that I have to organize so excessively, because these suppositories  have such a laxative effect. Remember a large package of disposable gloves, I have some in every purse, bag, and in all our rooms.

The good thing is that suppositories helps within 20 minutes, while pills uses about 40 minutes.
And anyone who has been in pain knows that minutes feels like years. And when you can cut the waiting time is half it is the difference between giving up, or jumping out the window because you cant handle the extreme pain.

Only when the positive sides of the medication ways up the negative side effects like addiction, should you take the drug. And never for the euphoria the drug gives when you take it for recreational use!


  1. Halloen!!
    Takk for igår, var så kos å se deg igjen :)
    Skvatt litt da jeg så Ketogan, for det bruker vi noen ganger på hunder med middels til sore smerter :)
    Du må si i fra neste gang du vil gå på tur, da kan jeg og Chicka være med, så er du ikke helt alene hvis det skjer noe...
    Klem :)

  2. thank you, yes Ketogan can be used on every living creatures that are inn pain. We do forget the smaller Innocent animals that can be in just as much pain as us humans.
    I would love to walk with you, I let you know :)