Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 Angry

This are my last days in my 20s, and they should have been about celebrating my life so far.
Instead its all about pain. I always pictures my late 20s as fun, new experiences, and a lot of love.
Instead it has been about sickness, pain, and a fight for my right to treatment.
So when is enough enough? When is it going to stop? When is it right to trow in the towel?

 We have the right to refuse treatment, but what do you do when you are refused treatment?
Isn't that the same as throwing someone out in the forest to die?
We have the right for second opinions, but why should one or two doctors have the right to "kill" you bye not doing anything?
We have health care personnel and especially Doctor one a pedestal because their profession is something we admire and respect.

But I think they should put their patients up on a pedestal, and they should understand that angry patients are patients that want help, and don't want to die, or live a lifetime in pain.
So to doctors out there- Why did you become a doctor? for the money, glory, satisfaction, or something more noble??


  1. Hmmmm, maybe you should compose an open letter to these doctors. Maybe, you could write a letter to "help" them understand where you are coming from. I know in my situation, it helped me ver much to write a letter to my doctor before my next appointment. I needed "all" my doctors to see themselves as less of a drug dealer for me and more as a healer. The letter and my desire to make appointments every 2 weeks with my doctor helped us both to open communication, build trust, and give us opportunity to get to know each other really helped. Instead of just seeing me for flare ups of my pain or because of crisis, she saw me every 2 weeks which kept us on top of and in control of my health. Especially since I came from the United States, have many complicated health issues, have been sick since I was age 8 (now age 48). I have had over 160 (not a typo...lol) surgeries, and live daily with horrible, tormenting, pain daily. She (my doctor) needed to see me every 2 weeks for a year to help her know me inside and out. This is also why pain clinic doctor also had to see me more often so she too felt more comfortable allowing me opiods for my pain instead of "normal" give and take away pain meds as treatment for most of us in norway. I wanted ALL medical workers to see ME and not automatically DRUG ADDICT when I had medical issues causing me pain. I was shocked that it IS so normal that they think ALL patients are drug seekers and their false and mistaken belief that pain IS IN THE HEAD AND CAN AND SHOULD BE TREATED IN THE HEAD. I hope you learn from me that this plan does and can help anyone in REAL DAILY CHRONIC PAIN. Hugs Julie Anne

  2. Oh my good.. My hearth aces for you.. Sounds like you have been to hell for a long time. I cry over my 10 surgeries and you have had 160.. It puts things in perspective. But Pain in pain regardless of how you got it, and we all should be treated with respect. How many would choose a life in horrible pain just to get "drugs". I would trade with anyone who hasn't.. I like the saying: you shouldn't judged before you have walked a mile in someones shoe.. And we as a society should start seeing it like that, instead of trying to discriminate us, they should try understanding, compassion and treat each other with respect..

    When it comes to a letter, We have already done that a year ago.. They said they would have closer follow up and try other treatments, but northing happened, and they had lesser follow ups than before..
    The only good thing was that they understood that I don't want to use drugs, thats why I am fighting for an treatment.. But I had to prove myself over and over again. They first started believing me after i was of the drugs for 6 months because the Botox injection worked.. So if I was an drug addict I would have said that I needed a little bit because I had some pain, but I used nothing, and I needed nothing, and I still belive to this day that if I Could have one botox that worked a year, than that would give me 6 good months, and that must be better than drugs for the rest of my life???

    Hugs Alex