Thursday, May 5, 2011

0 Dream Vs. Reality

We grow up with this picture that if you are a good girl, you will get the fairy tale. We are thought that hard work and good grades will get you a happy adult life.
But its not that simple, Oh I pray for simplicity. You grow up and meet a brick wall, A big wall of reality.
Its not a given that falling in love, will lead to a happy marriage, or that you're children will never make you're mistakes, because they will, every single one of them, because they are you, a younger version, that will be as hardheaded and stupid as you were.
But when they get kids, they have the same hope for there children as you had for yours.
And in the mix, you get sickness, accidents and death. None of us want to go through it, but all of us will have to.
What was you're teen dream??
Mine was having a boy that I loved with all my heart. check that one of the list.
Second I wanted a good marriage, not a fantasy wedding. It has always been to moshy for me, and  everyone has always seen me as the domestic home wife, with a little crazy side that comes out for special occasions :)

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