Sunday, May 29, 2011

0 Surgery...

 What I hate most about surgery, is that you never know what kind of state you are going to wake up in!
Can I walk to the toilet after a few min, or am I bound to the bed for weeks?
And sometimes, the easiest surgeries, gives you the most troubles afterwards. Thats because you think it will be a non pain, non invasive surgery.
But the biggest surgeries, then you give yourself time belive this is going to be a painful and drawn-out recovery. And on top you usually get plenty of pain meds, and sick days :)

The ting that gets me every time is that I feel really good the first day, and I jump out of bed, and think that the worst is never existing. But then I get home, and no epidural, and it starts to hurt really bad. So then day 2-4 is much harder then day 1..
But I never learn..Because I am like the rest of us, I don't have time to be sick, and I don't let my self have the time that I need to become healthy again.
Although soon we have to learn that there isn't anything as non invasive surgery, and that all operations require recovery.

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