Monday, May 2, 2011

6 New decade

I think this time is really sore for me. I am turning 30 in a couple of weeks and I am not married, no kids, and not my dream job in sight.
Its not easy seeing younger people who have it "all", like the wedding on Friday.
I don't envy them when it comes to their public life, but more to that they are finished with their education, and they know who they are, and what they are.
I think every time I start to "get" who I am, something new happens, and I have to start over.
When I turned 20 I thought I had a lot of time until I turned 30, but the time has gone really fast.
And I can only imagine than it will go even faster to 40. And I hope I am not in the same place. I hope my sick life has gone, so that I can sort out my personal and actually feel that I have a life.


  1. Ha ha ha...jeg er 36år...ta det med ro du jenta mi ;)

  2. Ikke fortvil...du er jo ennå ung jo:)))

    Ønsker deg en fin uke:)
    Klem Marianne

  3. tusen takk for oppløftende ord.
    God uke til deg og marianne.
    klem alex

  4. Hi Alex. I was wondering perhaps what might be good for you is to start your own support group for those near you for chronic pain. Maybe you could manage once a month meetings at your home. I am sure that what might be good is to make new friends who struggle with daily pain and frustrations with healthcare system. Then, perhaps you will broaden your circle of friends who has better understanding of what pain directs as far as your social life capabilities. It might be good to do activities with others with limitations because of pain. Just a thought. :-) Hugs, Julie Anne

  5. Hi Julie Ann..
    I have thought of this idea for over a year now. I want to start a support group in Norway for people with esophagus disease, because there aren't any.. I contacted one for esophagus diseases, but they concentrate soly on ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. They actually just send me an email with a crappy explanation on what esophagus spasms was and wished me good luck..
    I was furious that they turned me away.. But I still need to get my health a little more under control before I can start on that.. but it will become a reality.. But if you know some support groups I would love to hear about it, I am starting to realize that I need support from people in my position, and I am glad that you are showing an interest, I needed that :)
    hugs Alex

  6. This was the group where I tried ti get help but was showed the door because I have a rare diagnosis:
    And thats not alright in my book. everyone deserve a support network..