Saturday, January 8, 2011

0 Another Day......

Today is one of those day when you get to see life from the other side.
I went to visit my cousin who as been in a lot of pain, the last few years. She doesn't complain much, but you know she isn't doing well because she is very skinny, and looks pail. But after a lot of trail and error with medication, they now had to go for surgery.
And even though she has to live with the ileostomy, its so much better than having all that pain.

She was scared that we would go, and that we would mind that she was in a lot of pain.
I don't think its fun to look at someone I love, and see them in pain. But Its harder to be in that bed, because you think you have to look as if you are okay, so that people will stay. Because when you are in pain, its better to just hear people talking in the background, than totally silence.
And then you can concentrate on that background noise, so that the time goes faster until you get better...
So today My candle is burning for her to get better soon:

And now I have to remove all the Christmas decoration...buhu.....I am always going to love Christmas.
And its snowing so much outside, its looking so peaceful, and the way I loved Norwegian winter when I was a little girl. So I am going to get cozy under a blanket, with a cup of hot cocoa, fire up the candle lights and watch television.

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