Friday, January 7, 2011

0 OOOH what a day..

Today I got a new phone the HTC desire. And I am looking forward to that day when I don't want to trow it in the wall. I don't understand a dam shit, and writing a text is almost impossible.
I was not in the front of the queue when patience was given out, I probably snuck in the line, because I don't have the patience to wait....

But in a year or so I will absolutely like the phone, and in two-three years I will cry when I will have to buy a new one, because the desire stopped working. Phones just don't work that long anymore. And I hate learning a new phone, so I try to get it to last for as long as I can!
Thankfully my nokia 5800 was not a good one, so I will not cry for it. It has been trouble from day one.
But I will always remember my nokia 3210. The way the trash can moved when I deleted a text was revolutionizing. And that was it. So I go with my head held high, and hoping that HTC will give me the fuzzy feeling that nokia 3210 once did for me.
Maybe thats why phones don't work as long as they used to. We only used it for calling and texting. And the one thing I struggle the most with on my new phone, is exactly that.

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