Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Peppermint oil experiment......

I  have said that i would write a little more about different medicines, procedures, etc. I thought that i would try different alternative procedures, and tell you if it worked or didn't. I will have to try some of them over a period, and then tell you how they went.

The first alternative medication: Peppermint oil.

The first: always do as the manufacturer say you should. 2-3 drops of oil in a glass of water.
My boyfriend took 3 drops of oil in a teaspoon with water. It was like hell had come up and taken a vacation in my esophagus. My esophagus was on fire, right there and then i hoped it would burn of my spasms forever,
but it "only" started some really unpleasant spasms to put it nicely.
And my boyfriend and my mother they started laughing because of the expressions in my face, and i felt like i had swallowed a big habanero.
But it didn't stop there, My boyfriend really believes in alternative medicine so he said i had to try it again, because i should try it more than once before i throw the ideas out of the window.
So i tried it again, stupid, stupid me, and once more hell took a long weekend in my esophagus. Maybe they thought that my esophagus was the Eiffel tower?

And once shame on my boyfriend, twice shame on me, so i looked it up on the internett, and there it was, most of the people out there having esophagus spasms, they take peppermint oil in capsules, and not pure oil because it is very strong.
I cant swallow any capsules yet, they are to big, so until i don't have to eat mashed food , this is a lost cause.
I am not giving peppermint oil up, there are a lot of people that get relief from this, so i hope i will to. But until i can swallow peppermint oil capsules, it will have to wait!


  1. http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blogs/esophageal-spasm-episode-the

  2. you have a nice blogg
    hope you get well soon