Friday, January 21, 2011

2 Let me tell you...

I have the last couple of days told you about what I think is wrong with being sick in Norway, and I still think that many things need to change.
But and there is a big but. I am lucky that I do live in Norway, because if I lived in many other countries I would be paying of my medical bills until I died, and still I would probably just have pain of half.
And my parents would have sold their house, and everything else that they own, because of hospital bills.

I cant even start to imagine how much it would cost to be admitted for 6 months, 2 surgeries, 3 weeks in the intensive care unit,probably 15 x- rays everything from CT, MRI and barium tests, 6 gastroscopy, 3 manometry, and blood samples.
I would probably faint if I started to put all the numbers together.
So I wont.
I guess that is the problem with humans, we will always want what we don't have.
And when we get it, it wasn't what we hoped.
But I will never stop trying even if I don't get what I want, maybe I will get what I dreamed of.. I hope so


  1. If you live here in USA, you must have a good assurance,if you not have a assurance it can bee you, what you write in you blog.
    Nice to hear that you find many positive example
    from the Norwegian healths system. I send you all good thinking over the atlatic sea.

  2. I would hope that the USA will see the positive with health care for everyone.
    Health should be a human right, I am just glad I still live in Norway.
    But I do hope that my doctors will contact some American doctors, Because esophagus spasms is not that common in Norway.
    I send good thoughts back to you.
    Hugs Alex