Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1 Trying Hard..

I am trying to get out of the house a little more, but because we don't have a car I don't want to travel to far.
In December we went to Karl Johan's street, and into a local mall, and of course the esophagus spasms had to appear.
So after that I am very scared of going to far without the possibility to get home within 10 min.

Yesterday I finally got to go to ikea and change our footstool that has been broken for almost a year.
And thats what great with ikea, they look at the receipt, than give you you're money back so you can get a new one, or just let it be. And even though it is way to big for our living room I still bought it. Where else am I going to have all of my candles?

I find that burning candles are very healing for my soul. I get this tranquility when I am around them. The easiest way to get a room to literally light up, is to put some fuel in the lighter and fire it up.
And I do try to do that on a every week basis. And now that my Christmas candlesticks are gone, It feels even colder and more sterile than normal.
I guess thats what I have been trying to do the last couple of days. To try and make my house into a home again after Christmas.
But by no means believe that everything is a smooth sailing. Because it is not. breaks every 10 min, and the break can last for hours, and sometimes until the next day.
Its not easy taking back you're life that has spun out of control. And put esophagus spasms in the mix, that are so random that you don't know how you will find the pattern, and control it..
How do you cope with stress without getting stressed out???

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  1. Hei har du kjøpt deg ny? hvilken farge? helt lik? love you