Monday, January 3, 2011

2 Whatever it takes..

I began to think about the people around me. They are there for me no matter what!
But what about me? Its like I am aloud to not think about anything but myself, but I want to be there.
When my boy is having a ruff day, yes he can have that too. its not easy being with someone as myself. You try being with someone with as many diseases as me!

I cant even try to imagine how it is, seeing the person you love in so much pain. But in the future, I have decided that I am always going to say that it will be okay. When someone comes to me with a problem I am going to sit quiet, sometimes respond, but try to know when i should shut up and just listen.
And when I have the strength I am going to try and help them in any way I can.

So in the future when I know the people around me have been though enough, I will try to be there as much as I can. And sometimes doing nothing, means everything. I just have to get out my feelers, depress mood swings and just be there!


  1. Hello
    Thats is interest problem you take up. You mean that people see your sickness more, and not as the person you are. Thats is very interest question .
    Why are we like that?
    More interest to talk about ilness?
    Have anything else to talk about?
    From DK

  2. When you are sick everyday, and you don't experience so much, all you really have to talk about is illness.
    But I do try to talk about other aspects of my life then just illness.
    I think we people are build that way, we talk about those things that concerns us the most.

    I had this reunion with my primary school a few years ago, and they said: Alexandra with the bad back.
    So I do think a lot of people only see my illness and not my soul.
    But those closest around me they see me for who I am and not the illness.

    Hugs Alex