Sunday, January 2, 2011

0 Your own way...

I know from reading others blog out there, that I am not the only one, who are given up by the doctors.
Its not easy trying to find your own way. some try conventional medicine, and others go the alternative way.
I will probably try a way in the middle. I believe in taking the best from both sides. Then you will get the best from both worlds.

Take migraine for example, I would try to go to acupuncture before I would take medication. Because the side effects from acupuncture is far less then the prescription stuff.
On the other side, if I broke my leg, I would go to the hospital. Because I don't think there are anyone who would go to acupuncture to fix their broken leg.

So i believe in Both worlds.I don't want to put one over the other. I do see that those who are given up by conventional medicine don't have any where else to turn then too alternative medicine.
But as long as there is a hope for me, I will keep on fighting for my right to get help from the doctors as well as from the alternative!

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