Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 To be sick..

You need to be healthy to be sick is a saying in Norway. And it is so true.
You have doctors appointments all the time, usually once a week. You have to see you're family doctor to have one place where all the information get stored. And then there is the specialists.
You also need to talk to Nav to get sick pay. And that its not always easy.
When you have done all that, then you can call Helfo to get the right forms in order so that they will pay for the medication. And you need papers that actually verifies that they will pay for the medication. And take the papers to you're family doctor, because Helfo didn't send a copy to them.
Then you're family doctor will write the prescriptions. You take a doctors certificate along the way to get the leave from school. But of course, the family doctor didn't use the word "too sick", only sick, so then you have to go back to the doctor to get a new certificate.

When all that is finally done, you need to get a physical therapist, a acupuncture, a psychologist and see them at least once or twice a week.
And of course I cant eat the semi-finished food, so everything have to be made from scratch. Cooking is therefor a time consuming affair in our household. And my boyfriends egg, and nut allergies is just the icing on a cake.
And because you're energy level is on 10%, house cleaning obligations is a time consuming affair. And somewhere in the middle of this I need to rest.
But I have a hard time resting, because then comes the thought about the future, and the nightmares when I do get some sleep.
And thats the hardest thing of all, what will my future bring???


  1. yes you have to be healthy to fight with nav.
    I hope thing will get better for you soon.

  2. tank you. Yes Nav is not easy. I hope things will get better soon.
    hugs alex

  3. Hei.

    Har lest litt gjennom bloggen din, men det var dette innlegget som virkelig tok tak i meg. Jeg kjenner meg sånn igjen. Har vært og er enda inne i denne kampen!

    Hold ut og kjemp videre! Er ikke så mye annet å si. Håper det ordner seg så godt som mulig :)

    MVH Arielle - Livet med Borrelia

  4. Får håpe det ordner seg for deg og:) vet hvor tøft det er å leve med Borrelia.
    stor klem