Saturday, January 15, 2011

0 A little break..

This is a little break in my life. Finally, I got the papers that the government will pay for my medication..
That has been such a big burden. That I would have to pay 6000 kr a month for medication.
And after a hard week I got a little, or actually a big great news at the end of the week.

Its not easy trying to bee all that I can be, when I don't have the strength right know. I just have to get to the 24/1. And the doctor telling me that its not cancer, and that they got all of the cell changes.
On Tuesday I got  a medical certificate so I could try to get back to school.
But of course, I needed to get a leave from school spring of 2010 in 2010. They don't take into account that I was in a respirator, and even though my boyfriend handed in a medical certificate that I was very sick at the time. It doesn't count because they had to apply for it, not just hand in the certificate..
Dam bureaucracy...
But I don't care. If they don't contact me on Monday, I will just start in the fall.
Even though it would have been  good for me to start now.. well well thats life for you.. Nothing is ever easy.

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