Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 To be sick... continues!

I can just start of where I ended last night.
Now the problem is the pharmacies and there views about paragraphs.
I went to my doctor to get my prescription for Durogesic (pain patch). And my doctor did write it. The only problem is that you have to use the sheets for A-prescriptions and not the ones for blue.( A- prescriptions are for drugs, B for addictive ones and C for the rest. Blue prescriptions are the ones that the government pay for, and they are for medication you have to use for more than three months).
The pharmacist actually thought it was a good idea for me to travel up to my doctor again to get a new one!

Is that what the world has come to? Don't anyone believe that when you say that you are sick, that you are?
I don't use this sort of medication for the fun of it. I am not going to write "most of us anyway".
I know what it is like when people don't belive you.
One of my doctors he belived that I had anxiety, and nothing wrong with my esophagus. Then I had the manometry, and my spasms pressed the manometry catheter out again. My doctors jaw dropped, and that was the end of that discussion.

I do get that sick leaves are increasing and that we in the west today take more pain pills than in other parts of the world. I am not the one to point a finger, I am the last one who should point.
I take pills for headache, menstrual pain, fever, you name it. And when I take it for the smallest pain, I will have to get more when I am in big pain.
And what I should have done was, take a nap, go for a walk and check my temperature, and if it gets to high, call my doctor.
So when, and I do have to say when for my own sanity, I am going to try and listen to my body, and not the pace of the society!
So there I was at the pharmacy, and i started to cry, yes I was frustrated, and tired. One of other pharmacist came over and said that he could give me the medications on the prescription that I had brought.
Why couldn't they have done that to begin with? When they knew that they could???


  1. Bad that you was treated that way,I understand that you cry.
    hope things get better soon.

  2. surgeon may cut the muscle layer along the full length of the esophagus (surgical myotomy).

    have you tried it?

  3. No I have not tried Myotomy, because my doctors are concerned that I will get a new lunge infection.
    So surgery is last option for me, but if everything else doesn't work, we will have to try it.
    Also because I have esophagus spasms throughout the esophagus, the doctors are not sure that the surgery will take away all the esophagus spasms.
    Do you have any experiences with Myotomy?
    Hugs Alex

  4. no I have not but have read about it.
    hope you get better soon.

  5. I hope so too... I am going to read more about it, I want to know everything about my options. And thank for coming with a good solution, if I don't get better.