Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 Chat rooms!

I have gotten a few good tips on sites and chat rooms for people with esophagus spasms. I have joined one of this sites, and posted a little bit about myself, and tried to come with some good suggestion.
One if this site is Healing well.com .
Its a very good chat room, and for ones I don't feel that lonely anymore, of course it would be nicer if someone would share a little more on my blog, because then there is at least one blog out there who has gotten all the different medicine, and alternative treatment etc.
The more I read, the more i get to understand that this is a big problem around the world for us that have it, and far to little research on the subject.

I started this blog with the hope that I would meet different people out there with the same problem as I have.
 But I guess its not enough for me. I need somehow to get to the bottom of the wheel.
 I am willing to do anything to try and find different solutions. Because what I have seen is that we all react different to the treatments, and have different degrees of success with the treatments.
If we could find different ways to have more dignity in our life's, it would be a huge victory for us.

I Guess that sometimes we need to realize that the doctor doesn't have all of the answers, and that you have to find them you're self .
And I am going to try to find different things that can help, explain a little more about the different procedures and medicine i have tried.
I do belive I can explain better than I have up to now. I have used this blog as a way of getting my feelings of my chest. its important to get those feelings out, and not hold on to them.They will make you go crazy if you don't deal with the mental pain. And having so much pain for so long, it would almost be strange if I didn't need help.
We need to not look down on people with mental illnesses, because its a diseases on the same page at physical pain, and studies have shown that approximately 40 percent of women, and 30 percent and men gets depression at least once in their lifetime.

I have one more link. Its a girlfriend who is trying to get some help and understanding about her boyfriends problem. She calls it Nissen Nightmare.
This is also about acid reflux witch I used to have.
So if some of you want to know more, just write to me, because I know a lot about this topic.
I had reflux for approximately 4 years, and that was a hard road to walk on, and I thought that a nissen fundoplication would make everything better, but as I have said previously that surgery is what trigged the esophagus spasm.
I would say to anyone who is thinking about Nissen to think twice, because research have shown that approximately 10-20 percent gets side effects from the surgery, and not 1 percent as they said to me.
And in my case the side effects gave me a new chronically disease, and one acute disease when I got that infection in my lung.


  1. i hope you will get better.

  2. I hope so too :-) christmas hugs to you. Alex