Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 Thinking about others!

Its only a couple of days until Christmas, and a lot of us have a good job, family, and we have just about everything we need, or want, but there are a lot of people, and children out there who could need some help.
So this year, buy a gift for the people in your life, a gift that really mean something.

Doctors without borders, The red cross, Save the children, Haiti Relief Fund, Breastcanser foundation, or maybe a national or local organization. Try to help someone who has less in this life than you, or who has an illness they need help with to get better. Either that is to give money, or to volunteer!

I live in Norway, one of the richest county in the world, and Yes i complain, I want my health to get better, and I get money when I am sick and cant work.
But the truth is that I am lucky, I have a home, electricity, cloths, shoes (many), and a hole lot of things I almost never use.
If I had been sick in many other countries I would not have gotten any help. I probably never would have seen the inside of a hospital. and I would have to work 16 hours a day, just to not get what I needed.

I have said the word I 14 times,I should for a moment think about others. thats my new years resolution, what is yours?


  1. det er jeg enig i<3god du. love u. klem lille søster

  2. thankz :) good you are inthe holiday spirit, and thinking og others to