Saturday, December 18, 2010

0 The holiday spirit

Today has been a slow day, I have pretty much spent the entire day on the couch. Okay so I did take a shower, and  mashed fish and potatoes-as usual for dinner. its a week until Christmas and what i miss the most is the Coca Cola Christmas advertisement:

I think Cola has made a huge mistake making a new video without this song especially. Okay so if they wanted a change, but don't take out the song and the trucks. But they can fresh it up each year.
So I am so depressed, why Cola, why?
Even Elkjøp ( a Norwegian electronics shop), uses the same TV ad every year. They have understood that we get some feeling out of seeing the same one every year.
Its like watching Donald Duck with friends every year:


And seeing three nuts for Cinderella:

And for me thats what this holiday is all about. traditions. I do agree that we each should make our own traditions, but some of them are soo good already, so why change them?  Maybe we should get some new ones, but still have the old ones as well.
I like that when the Cinderella story comes on its starting to smell the food in the oven, and that the dam Coca Cola ad when I am watching another channel.
And the night before Christmas we always watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation:

I simply love this movie. Its such a great story. Don't we all want a great Christmas? And haven't we all done some things that are Griswold like? In my family the big problem have always been with getting the tree in the tree socket. Its been so many years that it have broken, and the night before Christmas we drove around to every gas station to get a new socket. Why didn't they learn that the socket needs to stay indoors, because its made of plastic, and that breaks if you set it outside in -10?
And then its the Christmas lights, my parents used 18 years before they got the hang of it, and my moms cousins always came, either to watch or to help with the light.
And as my moms cousin now says, its not as funny anymore, when they are not fighting over those lights. I couldn't agree more :)
Of course we know all the words in this movie, but we change between the movie and this show that has Norwegian Christmas songs, and show you have to prepare the Christmas dinner.
We also have this comedy routine that they have showed for as long as we have had TV i Norway. At least I cant remember that I haven't seen the countess and the headwaiter:

And since I was born in 81 and they have showed this since 1980 its not really that hard to belive that I cant remember I time that this wasn't on the TV.
So now I have showed you all my Christmas ad, film, and cartoon I have to see to get into the holiday spirit.
Is it just me that must see this shows to get into the Christmas feeling? Or do you have something that you just have to watch to get into that feeling, or do you just need "gløgg " to get that warm fuzzy feeling?

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