Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 Desember!

December has always been my favorite month. I love snow, shopping presents, decorating, candles, Christmas trees and I love that even though all of (us) kids have grown up, we still go around the Christmas tree. and we still open one present at a time. Christmas eve is the one day a year you have all the time in the world. We would open presents all night long if that what it takes. One Christmas we used 6 hours, but we had a lot of fun during those six hours. and I love all the typical Norwegian foods and drinks we have this month.

It has always been the time of year where my boyfriend and I gather all of our friends and have a Christmas party with good food and a lot of aquavit. Sometimes we can even take a little walk on the lake, or just walk late at night while it's snowing. Some of us girls have taken the ferry to Denmark to party, and just being the girls. that was supposed to be last weekend and I cant really make any plans with my health. so maybe next year. and the Christmas party was going to be this weekend, but that will not happen until next year.

Oh well on too a totally different topic: The cold is the only thing I am not too happy about. But when you live in Norway, you get used to it or move. it's really not that a difficult decision. I have sometimes played with the idea of moving somewhere warmer, but my family and my friends mean too much to me.
If you are as lucky as I in both of those categories you'd stay right where you are too.

And isn't that what matters in life? A strong tied family, good friends, and for me: a good show on the TV, or a good book. and of course travel. learning new cultures, and meeting people at the place they are in there life, because we influence people all the time, and maybe most when we don't even think about it.

I have always had this philosophy, that every person that walks by me, I either smile to them or say hello and smile, because I don't know what that person goes through, and if my smile can make someone else smile one time that day, or maybe changes their state of mind, well I would like to think that I have made a difference at the end of my life.
You don't really have to be the president to change the world, it is the small things us "meaningless" people do that makes the world into good neighborhoods, and communities. because most of us can't see the whole world, its too big, so we just try to see what we can change in the area we spend most of our life in.


  1. Så glad i deg vennen. Det jeg ønsker meg mest av alt til jul er at du blir frisk igjen:)

    Klem Heidi

  2. jeg er stolt av deg jeg, kjempe stolt! klem lille søster

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  4. tusen takk jenter..
    håper ønsket ditt blir oppfylt Heidimor :)