Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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As a little girl I where a tomboy, I loved the snow. The only thing I waited for was the snow, so we could go outside, and go cross country skiing, alpine, hockey, sled rinding, or just making snowman's, and building castles and having a big snowball fight!

I never forgot the times that I won the ski championship at my school, and when I in 6 grade won the ski jumping contest... that what huge for me, like the biggest thing i had done that year.. and when you were twelve, thats like three years as an adult. One year was so much longer when I was young. And now I feel that I will be old by the end of next year.. LOL!

You are either good at summer sports, or at winter sports. And I was definitely a winter sport girl. I played hockey for several years, as the only girl on the team, and I was not the worst one just so we have that clear!!!!
I think that what made winter sport so appealing to me, is that the snow is usually very soft, so I didn't get that hurt when something went wrong.
And in my life, well everything has pretty much always went wrong. So better to be on the safe side for once.
Hockey is a sport that you do get hurt a lot, but this is where the girl card comes in. Boys are a little afraid of hurting you, so that made it easier for me to score a goal,without all the bruises.

When I was 5 years, I finally learned how to ride a bicycle without the support wheel, and I was going for my first ride alone. I felt on top of the world and that nothing was holding me down. Queen of the world, even thought I probably would have said king of the world.(tomboy)
And then I got to this small hill, and today I don't really see it as even a hill, but when you are young, everything is so much bigger.
But I felt like I was on the top of Galdhøpiggen, and I was going to bike down this mountain.
So I went for it, and I felt like I was flying down the hill, but then I lost control of the bike and slammed into a trashcan.The trashcan then opened in the bottom, and i got all the garbage over me..
It was so disgusting. So there I was, several bruises, and filled with garbage.... Now do you understand that I am a winter sport person??

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