Sunday, December 5, 2010

2 what a day.........

I am still on my strict regime to use less pain killers. but today this went to hell. My pain just grew and the spasm came more often and stronger each time.
I am so lucky that I have a nurse that comes home to me every day to see how I am doing. And today she said that this can't go on any longer. It's tormenting to have me lying at home in this much pain.
So we called the hospital, but of course they needed the nurse to call them. And tell that we didn't lie.
Again you are always being seen as this person fishing to get more drugs. for the F..ing last time. Do they really think that I would choose this life? Seriously..??

But as long as you have a condition that is not mainstream you are stamped as a drug addict. Just because you are in pain that the doctors can't fix with surgery or a magic pill. It's easier to say that you are addicted to the stuff, even if you have just used it for 2 days. that doesn't matter. They have to have something on you, to use against you if they want to try something that everyone with a brain will understand would help the situation (condition)
My mom has always taught me to respect doctors, police officers etc, but how about you doctors start to see that you are working with humans, and listen to us. And admit that you don't know everything. We do respect you too, but don't start lying, when we know a lot about the condition. i think it's sad that I cant respect or trust doctors anymore.
But when we got there it was like a ghost town. The emergency room was empty. and it still took 4 hours before my pain was at a low enough level so we could go home.
But the snowy, icy weather might have something to do with why people are staying home tonight.
Stay under your quilts and use that someone special to keep warm


  1. Does anyone know the reason why Norway wants to LABEL everyone as a drug addict? I noticed right away when I moved to Norway that paracetamol was what you were given if you asked for a pain pill for ANY type of pain. I.e. Tylenol. I was in the hospital for "compartment syndrome" of my right leg. I.e. Blockage in leg that causes severe pain. There was no reason you could give the doctors as to why you needed anything more stronger than tyıenol (paracet). UGH!!!!! I thought it was because I was from USA. Oh gosh!

  2. That looks like a really painful decease after what I have read.
    There is one thing that doctors fear in Norway ADDICTION.
    I have been through a lot of pain because of Voltaren (diclofenac) caused intestinal bleeding and GERD, but that didn't worry them, they were more afraid of pinex forte.. I am never going to understand why dangerous side effects are more acceptable than addiction