Tuesday, December 28, 2010

0 loneliness

This Norwegian article ( you can get it translated in Google.com), shows that more than 500 people dies over the holidays, than it does in September, the same year
This shows how important it is to have family and friends around you. we all need a good social network.

Source: SSB Norway

I know, because I am so much sick, its not always easy to have those social ties that you actually needs,
just because you are sick and spends most of the day alone.I consider myself very lucky when it comes to friends, but I also know that I want to spend more time with them then my health allows me to. I feel so guilty every time I have to say no. I can see in their eyes that they get disappointed every time, even though they say its okay.
But I am lucky, because my friends don't go anywhere, they are with me through  the ups and downs.

So if you know of someone who is lonely, and we know that the holidays make people who are lonely even more so. Call them, or take them out for something to eat or a movie.
But not think that anyone else will do it, you be that person today who pick ups the telephone and call!

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