Friday, December 3, 2010

4 my f**ing luck

Today I got a nice letter in the mail that told me I have irregular cell division in my cervix and it's so big that they have to go in and cut out the part that have the irregular cell division, and send it away to see if there are some cancer cells. So the 15 of December is the d-day for the surgery. Here i go again.
A friend of mine said today that I should postpone the surgery until after Christmas, he said you know it will go wrong, it always goes wrong with you baby.

It sucks to always be the person that everything goes wrong with, why cant I be the lucky one? I have said the last year that when I turned 30 that my luck would turn as well, but do I have the time to wait until I turn 30? Now that something is wrong with my cervix, it seems that nothing is going my way.

I did what a lot of girls do in that kind of situation: major shopping spree, got some good holiday presents, and some nice stuff for my guy, cause he is the best one in the world. I love him with every bone in my body, that idiot... but he is my idiot. and he will be that all my life as they say, ring or no ring, that's not what matters. It's only the feeling we carry around in our hearts..


  1. I wisch you a lucky way forward.You is number one in your life.

  2. i know i am number one in my life, but my boyfriend has done this hard journey much easier.he is my rock when i need him.

    thanks for lucky thought, that meens alot to me.
    hugs Alex

  3. Awww...still reading your blog as I sit here in Haukeland Sykehus (Bergen, No), recovering from "another wound vac surgery"...more on the reasons later. Your posts touch me because what you say are exact words I say. AND...I too had same issue with my cervix and had cyrosurgery/biopsy that eventually, years later, ended in me having a total hysterectomy years later. I pray as I read more of your blog, I will find you still have your "idiot" to love. ;-)

  4. When was you're surgery, and for what?? It seems like you have been through a lot yourself:(
    I have heard that Haukeland is a good hospital, do you have any comments on that??
    I like to know all the players in my field, I feel at this time that knowledge is power. they cant send me around if I know enough to stand up for the truth rather then ignorance..
    I am not going to spoil the surprise of my "idiot", but if you want to know the truth, ask and I will answer sincearly.

    Big hug :)