Saturday, December 25, 2010

4 Spasms!

This is how it goes. I was looking forward to Christmas so much this year, since I didn't have a real one last year.
And of course I overdid it yesterday. But when you are sick 35 weeks out of the year, you want to have Christmas.
At least thats what i want. I have always loved Christmas, it has always been  "my" holiday. My traditions.
So maybe its worth been in severe pain today, so I got to have a nice Christmas eve.

I have tried to take the pain killers I have, but nothing have worked. some days nothing will take away the pain.
I am beginning to try that something went wrong when I got the last botox, because every time I am in pain, I either get a scratchy voice or I loose it. I am thinking that maybe the botox didn't ran correctly, and that it affected the vocal cords. But thats only a theory.
My boyfriends things that I possible have spasms in my vocal cords, and thats why I get a scratchy voice.
But we are trying to keep a journal on this things, so we eventually can see what remedies that work, and what doesn't, and what kind of foods I can eat. But we only started a couple of weeks ago so we don't see a pattern just yet!


  1. Jeg hadde en kjempe fin juleaften i går og det var ekstra fint å se deg kose deg, du er tøff og sterk og jeg beundrer deg for det,jeg håper at de spasmene snart gir seg, kanskje vi får et julemirakel i år,? det er lov å håpe. si i fra hvis det er noe jeg kan gjøre. veldig glad i deg. klem lille søster

  2. My best wisches to you; HAPPY NEW YEAR, and that the spasms take a permanent BREAK.

  3. I hope you will get better soon.

  4. I thank you all for the good thoughts you have for me. It means a lot for me that people care about the situation I'm in.

    lots of love Alex